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10 Fun Things About Running Your Own Business

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own your own business? The joy it can bring yourself and your family is tremendous. It’s a proud feeling to say I built this company from the ground up, and have done it with a smile on my face and support from my family and friends. It takes hard work and dedication, hours of your time and money, and in the end you will have done something for you that is amazing. Sometimes running a business doesn’t always work out and there can be risk involved, but if you never give up and try, it could relish and be around for years and years to come.

Although there are perks to running your own business, there are also risks as well. For instance money can become an issue, especially when just starting up. So if your business idea is risky, maybe don’t take the chance and gamble that money away. Do research once you have a business idea in your mind to see if it would pay off in your location, or nearby counties. It will also take some personal sacrifice in the beginning of starting your business. There’s a possibility that your family will be affected in some capacity, so before you decide to quit your job and start out on your own make sure you’ve communicated with your family. Especially with your partner, because it will affect them just as much as it will affect you if your business idea doesn’t take off once you open the doors.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why running your business can not only be rewarding, but fun. Read on to learn more!

  1. You control your destiny. If you have a type ‘A’ personality running your own business may be the best route for you as you won’t have to work for anyone else but yourself. And you’ll be able to control what goes on with your business, how it runs, how you interact with coworkers, as well as your expectations for them as well..

  2. You can find your own work/life balance. Having work/life balance is essential for everyone, but when you own your own business you can choose when and where you work. How many hours you take on, and if you want to wear pajamas on a conference call, no one will know but you. You can set time to prioritize what’s important to you.

  3. You choose the people you work with. You really do. You get to hire who you want for each position. You can hire your mom, your best friend, or you can hire someone fresh out of high school with zero experience and teach them about your business. This is a positive experience for many.

  4. You take on the risk- and reap the rewards. If you can take on the local market, and yes it may be a risky move, you could flourish with clients and a steady stream of income. If you can manage your risk, and not rely on outside money, you will feel the reward of your business successes.

  5. You can challenge yourself. Running your own business will definitely teach you something new each and every day. Researching new strategies for your business and figuring out different ways to do things, will help you. And you won’t be stuck doing the same mundane tasks each and every day.

  6. You can follow your passion. If you love designing logos, animations, slide shows, possibly starting your own graphic design business, or animation studio will be the business for you! Follow your passion in everything that you do, and it will come naturally to you, and you’ll have fun!

  7. You can get things done faster. You no longer have to wait for approval on projects, and simply you’ll be able to just get them done. So when you think you need to brighten up the office, whether it’s a new paint color, or plants, or if you want to hear from a client yourself you’ll be able to reach out and communicate as the owner of the company.

  8. You can connect with your clients. You can talk to your clients, and meet them face to face and build a relationship with them. I personally love when business owners or employees remember who I am. Getting a thank you note from a business, or some cool swag to show how much they appreciate your business is such a great tool. It will help the word of mouth marketing tremendously.

  9. You can give back to your community. This is a great perk. Whether you are holding a food drive for your local food bank, or donating money or merchandise to a local kids charity or fundraiser. Your community will notice you, if you notice them. Being open to different opportunities and giving back will help you meet your community members, and form professional relationships as well as lifelong friendships.

  10. You feel pride in building something of your own. You should feel proud of telling people about what your job is and what your business entails. People should get excited just learning about it. You are your destiny, you are your power, you are your own boss. That is something to smile about and be proud of. Keep up the good work!

In the end, it’s your business! Your creative mind has brought you your dream. This business is your baby, you can create your own wants and needs for your business and how far you want it to go. How much work to put into it, if you want employees, all the way to where you want your business to be located. Having your own business can be a more satisfying experience for some people rather than working the 9-5 office job, and being tired, overworked and underpaid. Figuring out what your menu, services, or what retail items your store will hold is an exciting venture as well. Researching vendors, creating a logo and brand strategy that will be timeless, and creating a marketing strategy are all things you can control and customize to your business. The possibilities are endless!

Are you a business owner? What perks do you love about running your own business? Tell us in the comments below!

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