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Five Benefits of a Well-Made Video for Your Brand

You may have noticed that video is taking over. Your newsfeed, video pop ups on news sites, not to mention the fact that there’s so much entertainment content across streaming platforms that you could life five lifetimes and never watch it all.

So, how can video give your brand an advantage?

1. Embedded videos can increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

The longer a visitor is on your site, the better. They’re taking time to learn about your services, and let’s be honest, consumers will likely click an informational video over reading paragraphs of service descriptions. After watching an informational video, consumers you’ve hooked will go on to learn the nitty gritty in your web copy. Also, having video content on your site will help build trust with search engines, as it signals to them that your site is providing quality content.

2. Easily reach your target audience.

For example, say you’re a landscaping company, and you’ve just come out with a new high tech weed eater. An explainer video will teach your audience how to use it quickly, and you can use content that will ensure the tool is used properly. There aren't any confusing diagrams here! Not only will video grab the attention of your employees, but also new customers who want to learn about how THIS weed eater can help them while working in their own yards. Hot tip! The use of animated characters that look, talk and act like your target audience will gain more attention.

3. Your social networks will thrive.

There’s a reason you’re seeing video content all over your newsfeed. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn prefer video and will recommend it to your audience! And it’s not only algorithms that will prefer your content, if you make a funny and engaging video, people will start sharing it with friends and family. This can multiply your visibility and reach a new audience.

4. Videos are recyclable.

You can take your new video and not only use it as your attention grabber, but as memes, GIFs, reaction shots to promotions, and even for small how-tos. The possibilities are endless. You may not be able to multi-task, but videos can, so your return of investment will go even further.

5. Videos boost your conversions and purchases.

Videos help connect with your audience, and studies are showing that 64% of purchasers watch video content first. They want to research and learn more about the product they are buying. And video is closing the sale for 64% of the viewers! (yumyumvideo.com)

Are you ready to rock some content in motion? If you’re curious about creating video content for your brand and need a little boost, feel free to contact us at sarah@westslopecreative.com or by making an appointment on our appointments page.

Written by Marilyn Ridder

Edited by Sarah Gullickson

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