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How Swag Can Benefit Your Brand and Business

Have you ever been driving or walking down the street, and you keep seeing stickers with a cool design and wondered what the heck it’s for? That’s exactly what that brand or business wants. Eventually you’ll ask someone what it’s for, or learn on your own, and you’ll start associating the design with that business.

We’ve talked about the benefits of branding before, and having a logo that can be put on a hat, t-shirts, stickers, etc, can be a very good marketing tool to get your business noticed. The more your logo is seen, the more people will recognize your brand. Brand awareness is great for word of mouth, investing money back into your business, and attracting new clients. Ideally, brand awareness will make people aware that you exist, and that you’re a cool professional place to do business. Plus, if people just want your awesome hat because they like your logo design, they’re helping spread the word about you! So, how do you make the most out of your swag? Get some help creating quality merchandise that people will want to wear or stick to their gear. Then share your swag with friends, family, local businesses, and send it to your clients. Your clients will wear the shirt, hat, use the tote bag at farmers markets and put the sticker on a cup or vehicle. Taking swag to a meeting with a potential client is a great idea too. It not only shows them your logo, but what you can do with a logo. The opportunities are endless with swag.

Obviously, it’s not free, and swag can be quite an investment, but besides the initial cost, there’s an endless amount of impressions that your swag can create. Merchandise marketing may spark conversations about what your company is about. Remember those times you’ve asked someone what they’re hat was, or their bumper sticker. Swag can spark positive words about your business and how awesome you are, usually people endorsing you are pretty excited about your business or product. 

Are you thinking about adding some swag to your marketing materials? Check out local apparel companies and see how they can help you out! And we’re always here to help design your next amazing t-shirt. And if you have questions feel free to reach out to us or schedule a free consultation! 

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