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Nine Ideas to Stay Creative During Social Distancing

This is a new and unprecedented time for the world. We are all probably familiar with Covid-19 and the rampant spread that has caused the US and other countries to practice social distancing. Some people are loving being at home, curling up with a book and being away from people. Others are working overtime to provide communities with food, medical support, and city services. Many people who work remotely may not have too many adjustments to make. But, one thing is for sure, uncertainty, job loss, panic buying, and just a barrage of coronavirus headlines can stress anyone out.

For those of you who are stressed, anxious, or maybe just bored at home, we’ve curated a few ideas to pass the time during this period of social distancing.

1.Try Out That New Skill You’ve Been Wanting to Practice 

Learning new skills can show off your creativity. You will be challenging yourself, and you can potentially offer more services once you’re proficient in those skills. This can also help build your portfolio by showing different techniques and styles. You can even challenge yourself on social media to show off your work. This will hold you more accountable and maybe even catch the eye of your followers and potential new clients. Your current clients or employer may even find use for your new skills! And a special bonus... it will help build your SEO!

2. Crochet Slippers

This one in particular is quite fun! It requires you to use your hands, and if you haven’t done it before, YouTube has many great tutorials! I even made baby booties, and it’s very easy to adjust the size to both adult  and youth sizes. Plus, not only will making your own slippers keep your mind off of “what ifs”, they will keep your feet warm during this time of social distancing. You can even make them ankle high or taller depending on what fits your style! 

3. Make a Mosaic or Collage

To begin, find some materials around the house. These can be old magazines, cardboard, or if you feel adventurous, head outside and find materials. Leaves, grasses, bottle tops, or other found objects can bring some life to your work! Create a magical scene by gluing your materials together, and who knows maybe you’ll become the next Van Gogh or Picasso of our time! You can challenge yourself to create mosaics of every room in your house, or places outside that you enjoy, or a self portrait.

4. Photography

Go for long hikes, and capture the beauty of nature around you. You can also photograph the quiet downtown main streets, quiet parks, or photograph your kids playing in the yard. The possibilities are endless, and this practice may help you to live in the present and not focus on what we can’t control right now. And photos become a memory to hold onto, which in turn captures history. How wild will it be to share photos of what our communities were like during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in ten years?

5. Write a New Song

If you love music, and even if you’re not a musician, write a song! You can write something for your band, the instrument you play, or maybe someone special in your life. I bet a family member who feels isolated or your coworkers would love a little ditty from you. Life has slowed down, so let's not forget who we are! Sing in the shower, sing with your kids, play the piano and get the notes written down on paper! You could be the next Beethoven! Or even the next Beyonce, because who doesn’t need more Lemonade in their life? I know I could never have enough!

6. Start Sewing a Quilt

Do you have some old clothes lying around that you would love to reuse? Well if you have sewing skills, a needle and thread, or a sewing machine laying around the house, pull them out. Find some old clothes that you haven’t worn in awhile and cut them into your desired size squares for your quilt. Lay out a pattern and get to work! It may not look professional, especially if it’s your first time, but it will probably always be your favorite! #coronaquilt

7. Get to Scrapbooking!

Do you have endless amounts of pictures floating around your house? Movie tickets, concert tickets, etc? Do you have an empty scrapbook laying around, or an old binder and some paper to use? Start making a little scrapbook photo album so your memories are now all together and not thrown in random junk drawers and desk drawers (I know I’m super guilty of this!). You will now be able to turn the pages and see all of your fun adventures with family and friends in one book. It’s so fun to reminisce on fun memories and you’ll  never have to guess where they all ended up. 

8. Homemade Stamps and Stencils

This is so fun! Especially if you want to change up the artwork in your room! Find an old piece of rubber, or cut out a stencil and paint over it. If you find old rubber, like an eraser or linoleum, carve out the image you want to print, put some ink or paint over the top and get to stamping! I love this process, it's just a great time consumer, and if you love them, you could try to sell your finished product!

9. Whittling

Do you have a pocket knife, or a knife you don’t care about? Do you also have some random pieces of wood hanging out in your garage or shed? You’ve got everything you need to start whittling to your heart's desire. You can make little animals, trees, or even some food utensils or dishes! This will work on your fine motor skills and keep your brain focused on something fun and productive.

Share what creative ideas you have, and don’t be afraid to jump in and learn new things! We have this time to revert our focuses in our creative minds, and with our families! So have some fun and let loose with your creativity!

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