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What is SEO and How It Will Benefit Your Brand

SEO is search engine optimization, and it’s the process of increasing quality and quantity of your website, by increasing visibility of your site to users of a search engine site. 

Organic search is typically going to be the primary source of website traffic. Being highly visible on search engines, such as Google, will always work in your brand's favor. Having quality SEO and a quality website that is user friendly will attract more users to your website, while also having a positive effect on your SEO.

Good SEO builds trust and credibility with search engines and with visitors to your website. And having a very strong foundation for your website, a clean, easy, and effective user experience that can be discovered easily in search engines will contribute to the trust and credibility of your site or page. Having authority in search results is earned and built over time. A few things that will help get you there are: quality backlink profiles, positive user behavior, machine-learning signals, and optimized on page elements and content. Establishing your brand as an authority will take time. You need to be patient, put the effort and commitment in, and make sure you are offering a service that has value and quality that allows trust to form.

Good SEO means having a better user experience. Positive user experience is a pivotal part of a website's success. If your site visitors struggle to navigate your page it will lead to decreased SEO results. And you don’t want that! Make this as simple and as understandable as possible. You’ll want as few clicks as possible on your webpage for visitors to navigate, and make sure you have the information your visitors are seeking. Positive user experience will result in positive SEO results. 

Have you heard the saying, buy local, shop local? The same works in SEO, local SEO can increase engagement, traffic, and conversions in your local geographical area. You’ll want to optimize your city name, your address and your website so that people can find your location in real life. Even if people aren’t always walking in your door, you’ll still want to target your local audience. Optimize your content for your area too, especially to surrounding towns that you aren’t physically located in. And one form of SEO that you may not have thought about is word of mouth and brochures. Yes, people still communicate in human form and I know I appreciate a good brochure full of detail and knowledge. It’s a great way to build SEO, trust and credibility. So stop, put your phone down and give it a try!

SEO also has an impact on the buying cycle. This goes back to being visible and having a user friendly website. Having good tactics to relay your deals, services, and products and the importance and dependability of what you offer customers, can be a huge game changer. This is where local SEO will help as well! Be visible! This will help customers get the answers they are searching for.

Would you like to update your website? Hit the YES button. Staying on top of updates with SEO will benefit your brand immensely. Being proactive and monitoring algorithm changes will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Do you like saving money? SEO is fairly cost effective. Try not to look at it as a marketing cost but as a business investment. Having good positive SEO will hold for years to come. Following trends and changes over time will benefit your website. Putting the effort in and being committed to your brand will help your website be a contender in today's market. SEO brings you new opportunities, and different users will find you and have different needs. It will be a positive result for your brand, especially if your site is user friendly and you can meet the values and needs of customers. 

Once you understand SEO, it will help you understand the environment of the web. Stay on top of changes, stay in the loop. Implement your newly learned tactics to keep your SEO positive and going strong.

If you aren’t on page one, then you aren’t winning the click, so put your time, effort and commitment into building your brand so your SEO will flourish. 

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